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Elf Trouble


Christmas is in trouble!

Someone from the naughty list has taken control of the North Pole and threatens to end Christmas forever.

What will you do to save it?

Elf Trouble Stats
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The fate of Christmas is in your hands!

Author's Note:

I beg of you. Heed the warning above the entrance and DO NOT enter the maze of catacombs under Santa's Castle. It can take you days or even weeks in real time to get back out without knowing the right route to take. If you survive, that is.


Fuzzle's Holiday Tour


The Best Show In Town!

Fuzzle’s Holiday Tour brings the magic of a holiday drive-around event to wherever you are.

Grab your significant other, or the entire family, and drive or walk around to look at decorated homes in your neighborhood as Fuzzle takes you on a magical audio tour of the North Pole.

Fuzzle's Holiday Tour transforms your drive or walk through the neighborhood into a Christmas-themed amusement park ride.

Fuzzle Stats
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Fuzzle’s Holiday Tour is the premiere showcase of our location-aware audiobooks.

Attention Event Producers:

Do you want to bring Fuzzle, or any other character, to your unique drive-thru or walk-around themed event?

Contact Us today to discuss creating a custom location-aware audio adventure for you.




Is this the end?

You followed your little brother into the Hallormsstaður National Forest in Iceland to find a snipe.

It found you first!

Snipe Stats
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