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Here at Hidden World we pride ourselves in delivering rich and polished experiences that our members can enjoy and immerse themselves into.

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Elf Trouble

Interactive Adventure | PC & Mobile

Christmas is in trouble!

Someone from the naughty list has taken control of the North Pole and threatens to end Christmas forever. ...Read More | Play Button

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Fuzzle's Holiday Tour

Location-Aware Audio Tour | Mobile

The Best Show In Town!

Fuzzle’s Holiday Tour brings the magic of a holiday drive-around event to wherever you are. ...Read More | Play Button

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Dino Park

Interactive Adventure | PC & Mobile

It's getting close to lunchtime.

You and your brother are among the first to visit Dino Park.

Will you be the last? ...Read More | Play Button

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Pawn's Sacrifice

3-Player Strategy Game | PC & Mobile

The game is simple.

All it takes to win is five points. ...Read More | Play Button

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The Hunger: Infected

7-15 Player Party Game | PC & Mobile

Who's hungry?

The Vampires have come out of the shadows and are flooding our fine cities with their vile existence. ...Read More | Play Button

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Capture the Flag

Multiplayer Outdoor Game | Mobile

This is Capture the Flag.

Place up to 12 virtual flags at real-world GPS coordinates. ...Read More | Play Button

What are InterACTIVE Audio Adventures?

They are immersive audiobooks where you are the hero and can change the story every time you listen to them.

Hidden World InterACTIVE Audio Adventures are designed for all ages. If they were movies, they would be Rated PG for situations of peril, scary images, some thematic elements, and sequences of violence and intense action; depending, of course, on the choices you make during your adventure.

Our private collection of InterACTIVE Audio Adventures remain family friendly for kids to enjoy yet include white-knuckle thrills to keep teens and adults engaged.

Adventure Club Passport


Your Adventure Club Passport grants access to all our family-friendly InterACTIVE Audio Adventures.

  •   Effortless Registration: Tap "Login" from the menu and then tap "Create Account".

  •   Worry-Free Cancellation: We mean it. Cancel anytime. Your Passport will remain active for the duration of your subscription.

  •   Automatic Renewal: So your passport doesn't suddenly expire without warning.

Holiday Adventure Passport



  • Your Holiday Adventure Passport provides you with an entire month of access to the following family-friendly InterACTIVE Audio Adventures:

  •         Elf Trouble

  •         Fuzzle's Holiday Tour

  •   Effortless Registration: Ask your local Destination Christmas Event to send you the link. What is a Destination Christmas Event? It is the Drive-Thru or Walk Through Holiday Lights Display in your hometown or nearest city. If they haven't partnered with us yet, they can do so in less than 5 minutes.

  •   Worry-Free Subscription: One time payment with no recurring charges.

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The Hidden World Team

We are Two Dads (and childhood friends) creating InterACTIVE Audio Adventures. Our first interactive story, Elf Trouble, is the biggest holiday thing since Montgomery Ward (the department store) created Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in 1939.

We created the Hidden World to bring out the kid in all of us.

In fact, here are pictures of me and my co-founder circa 1982 (we met a couple years earlier in grade school).



Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & CTO

...Read More

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