Before you can play Capture the Flag (CTF) you must place all 12 flags first.

Simply walk around your outdoor play area to place each flag.

You can re-set any or all flag locations anytime you want.

For privacy and security reasons you cannot share locations set on this phone with another phone.

If you want to use multiple phones for your CTF game, walk around together to set each flag location on your individual phones.

If any part of your screen flows out of view, simply scroll up or down using your finger.


There are 15 "screens" that make up your CTF Flag Locations Designer.

-- The Main Screen (This Screen)
-- Test Your GPS
-- Individual Locations (Screens 3-14)
-- Launch Your Game

To return to the main website without setting or playing this game tap the button below. The button on the last screen will continue to the game after you set all the locations.

Switching between screens in your Designer is as easy as swiping your finger left or right.


Test Your GPS

Before we continue we should verify your phone's GPS is active and talking to the CTF Flag Locations Designer.

Tap the "SET NEW LOCATION" button below the map and wait ~10 seconds for the CTF Flag Locations Designer to find and place you on the map.

If you get an alert asking for permission to know your location, tap whatever the "Yes" option is so we can set locations using your phone.

I know it feels longer than 10 seconds but once your location displays accurately on the map, you are ready to wander around your outdoor play area and set locations to your heart's desire.


1. If the first reading isn't as accurate as you want (i.e. close but no cigar) simply tap the "SET NEW LOCATION" button again. The most I've ever needed to tap the button was five times to land the marker right where I'm standing. Be sure to wait for the current reading to display before trying again for a more accurate reading.

2. Buildings, trees, even your own body can interfere with your phone's view of the GPS satellites. However, following Hint #1 should resolve any accuracy issues you are experiencing.

3. Wi-Fi can sometimes interfere with your location as the phone attempts to use the Wi-Fi router placement as part of its location finding routine. If you just can't get an accurate reading, turn off the Wi-Fi on your phone while you are out and about setting locations.

4. If you get an error message that states "GPS BLOCKED!" or your map shows you are nowhere near where you actually are (e.g. a null value is being delivered by your GPS instead of your actual GPS coordinates) you must enable Location Services for your device. A Google search for "How do I turn on Location Services" will help you.

Swipe to Continue.


Launch Your Game

That's it. You're done. All you need to do is...